🌞 Music in the parks and at The Parker, plus Lots Of ArtWalks to choose from


Goooood morning... Fort Lauderdale 🌞

Back off the road with this week's breakdown:

  • The first (of many to come) International Food Festival on the Riverwalk
  • Two options for ArtWalks this weekend
  • Music in the Parks and at The Parker

You Won't Want To Miss This Week:

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>> TODAY/LAST DAY to enjoy Noon Tunes. It will be the Joey Gilmore Band playing Rhythm & Blues (noon to 1:30pm) at Stranahan Park. And if you have never been in Stranahan Park, it is a hidden oasis right off Broward Ave, and the ONLY botanical garden in all of Broward County. (Free)

>> If you are feeling more musical, then come see the Symphony TONIGHT at The Parker, where you will hear Mendelssohn’s “Scotch” Symphony and Mozart’s Double Piano Concerto in E-Flat major, featuringCatherine Lan and Tao Lin. ($$)

>> Friday it is live music down at The Loop, with KRUSH Party Band. Come for market of local artisans, and stay for the music. KRUSH performs your favorite Motown, R&B, Classic Dance, Disco Hits, Classic Dance Rock, and much more! (Free)

>> On Saturday (Noon to 4pm), come visit the inaugural Riverwalk International Food Festival at Esplanade Park. Showcasing some of the best restaurants and gourmet food trucks in South Florida. Sample Greek, Italian, Caribbean as well as Mexican Street Food just to name a few! All food vendors will have one item for $5 or less. (Free and $$)

>> Earlier in the day Saturday (9am-11am), you can take part in the planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting at the Edible Food Forest in Snyder Park. Imagine walking through a native forest and bending down and picking basil, bananas and other edible plants along the way. Volunteers are needed to help work on this urban farm. (Free)

>> Or Saturday morning you are invited to help keep our beaches pristine with the monthly Beach Sweep. Volunteers typically collect 100 pounds of trash, 25 pounds of recyclables and 10,000 cigarette butts. You can help protect our jewel of Fort Lauderdale Beach and local wild life by removing these serious threats to sea gulls, turtles etc. (Free)

>> Saturday evening you have the choice of not one but two different ArtWalks, in FATVillage and the MASS District. In both locations you are going to get art, music, food, and marketplaces to browse. (Free)

>> Sunday is Neighbor Day at the NSU Art Museum. Fort Lauderdale residents receive FREE admission to NSU Art Museum as part of Fort Lauderdale Neighbor Days, from Noon-5pm. (Free)

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There is SO much to learn and love about our fair city. We thought you would enjoy a weekly does of "did you know's" to whet your water-cooler conversations.

This past week we got a chance to meet Felipe and Junior of American Top Team in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you want activities for your children, or a challenging training environment for yourself, ATTFTL offers a variety of Fitness programs for Kids and Adults designed to help you get in shape, increase strength and self-confidence and aid athletic development. Our After School Little Champs and Future Champs Fitness programs are a great opportunity for parents who want the best for their whole family.

So... You Think You Know Fort Lauderdale?

There is SO much to learn and love about our fair city. We thought you would enjoy a weekly does of "did you know's" to whet your water-cooler conversations.

Have you explored Butterfly World? A 30-minute drive inland from Fort Lauderdale will take you to a tropical getaway where your children can walk among 20,000 brilliant-colored butterflies and birds.


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$19 for a 1 day pass plus $10 for all the gear you need. Offering Kid-friendly classes.


Big Buns is finally open (under the Society Building, and facing the New River).

www.eatbigbuns.com or @damngoodburgers

This new restaurant is just over the railroad tracks and around the corner from our school. Matchbox (a second restaurant next door) will be opening soon too.


Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. This is a pirate simulation for children in the waterway. For 1 hours.

Round up your roughest and toughest gang of pirates and BYOB for a fun and memorable Fort Lauderdale sunset cruise aboard the Bluefoot, perfect for all you “big pirates.”

Starts at $29 per passenger.


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Want to Paddle 'The Venice of America' and see all the amazing boats and house from the water?

Take your first Saturday of the month and join the SUPSmart team at Sunrise Paddleboards for a lesson and paddleboard tour. Call 305-879-4220 for times and reservations.


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