Nicole pinwheels away; Saluting those who serve; and rocking the FTL

Thankfully Nicole rolled in and out of town with minimal damage this week. Which opened up the weekend for a number of events to suit all tastes.

  • Friday is the observance of Veterans Day, which started at Armistice Day after WWI. Read the full history here.
  • Food, Movies, and Mutts in the parks
  • What happens when you can "shred" but it's not enough? See our new Featured Podcast below 👇

Things You Won't Want To Miss This Week:

  1. Friday will be a full plate of events. Let's start with the City's planned events to Salute Our Troops (both past and present). Special note: Memorial Day in the May is the day we observe and pay our respects to those who served and sacrificed. Veterans Day is an opportunity to thank those who are willing to put themselves in harm's way for a bigger mission. Has democracy ever needed its defenders more? (Freedom isn't Free)
  2. Friday night will have Food In Motion (Food Truck Rally) at Peter Feldman Park, and Friday Night Sound Waves at Las Olas Oceanside Park. This Friday it's the Jay Valor Band owning the stage at the beach. (Free)
  3. Tonight (Thursday evening) it is History Fort Lauderdale’s 26th Annual History Makers Fundraiser. History Fort Lauderdale will honor Ted Drum and the Drum, Clark and Cox families during its 26th annual History Makers fundraiser. This special event commends individuals and companies who have made an impact on the growth of Fort Lauderdale. (Tickets)
  4. Saturday afternoon it is Mutts & Martinis on the Riverwalk. A full afternoon of treats and doggie fun, including Fort Lauderdale's most famous canine fashion show. (Free)
  5. If shopping the local markets is more your style, you have lot's to choose from: There is the Farmer's Market at Oceanside Park (Sat); The Pink Bazaar (Sat); The Urban Jungle Market (Sat); The New River Open Air Market (Sun); and the Sunny Side Up Market (Sun). (All Free Except The Pink Bazaar)
  6. Saturday night, enjoy Encanto, for Movie Night at Riverside Park. (Free)
  7. Sunday night, it's comedy night at ArtServe.

Featured Fort Lauderdale - Introducing Our New Podcast

This week we got a chance to talk with Burny Pelsmajer from School of Rock right here in Fort Lauderdale. You will see their House Band performers on stage at the upcoming Winterfest Family Fun Day.

Do you know a community leader, organization, or event that should be featured in our newsletter. Hit reply and let us know. We will reach out. Even better, make an introduction and we will take it from there. Let's dig into all the cool things (and even more awesome people) who are making Fort Lauderdale a fun place to live!

And watch for upcoming podcast short episodes from our learners at Acton, who have been working hard on learning this new medium of communication. 👀

So... You Think You Know Fort Lauderdale?

You probably know... that Fort Lauderdale is famous for its festivals that draw visitors from all over the world. We have the International Boat Show, The Air Show, and... our International Film Festival.

But do you know that... this is the 37th annual FLIFF (ends next week on the 13th). Every night there are movies and events at multiple venues. Showcasing over 100 films from around the world and appearances from special guests, FLIFF is a film lover's dream! See the full Film Guide for this year's slate of shorts and full features. Or visit FLIFF's website for even more information.


  • You might have seen the movie with Jack Black, but did you know that School of Rock serves adults too. We all deserve to "Band Together" - with classes at 4 different locations here in Broward County.
  • Did you know that 250 years ago a 16-year-old could be trusted enough to be the captain of a sailing ship. So why not prepare our children to run and operate their own school, as captains of their own education. Do something RADICAL for your child - come and visit Acton Academy Fort Lauderdale to see for yourself what it looks like when they do school by getting the adults out of the way.
  • Would you be willing to get your freeze on... all in the name of beauty. Discover a whole new way to health and wellness. Visit
  • Meet Melanie - the owner of Grace on Face Beauty. She is a licensed esthetician/certified make-up artist with a passion for skin rejuvenation and SUPERIOR customer service. Helping women and men have a more youthful appearance so they can feel more confident, secure, and empowered, she will create skincare treatments for YOUR personal needs.

Flotsam & Jetsam

Google is SO synonymous with search that we now use their name as a verb. They won the search engine wars by doing less than their competition. The result was a search engine experience that is both simple and fast.

But did you know, that Google has started to add some powerful new features, like Google Lens?

You can drag an image into the Google’s search bar and use AI to do many more things that Google Image does. If it is a common image it can tell you the source of the image. If it is an uncommon image it can show you similar images. If it is a product, it can identify it and suggest sources. If it is a plant or living creature it can identify it. It can translate foreign scripts, including mathematics. If I am searching for something that has an image associated with it, you can now often find much better results, faster, searching via the image in Google Lens.

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