🌞 Noon tunes, lot's of jazz, and the Renaissance Festival begins


Goooood morning... Fort Lauderdale 🌞

Lot's of music options for you in this week's breakdown:

  • Tunes at Noon (today), or Jazz brunch (Sunday) or Friday night Jazz Jams
  • Go to space with MODS (ever want to ride an explosion into orbit?)
  • It's time to get your "medieval" you lords and ladies (some of you maybe... pirates!) The Renaissance Festival is back!

You Won't Want To Miss This Week:

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>> TODAY (noon to 1:30) catch some tunes at Stranahan Park. Jimmy Stowe and the Stoweaways will be playing this week for Noon Tunes.

>> Too soon but craving some live music? Friday at 7:30pm you can take in Friday Night Jazz Jams with the Student Jazz Musicians. Or on Sunday, come back for the next Jazz Brunch on the Riverwalk (11am-2pm). This week will feature the Bobby Rodriguez Orchestra, Sabor Latino, and the G.T. Trio each playing on a different stage. (Free)

>> Have you seen the new MODS in Space exhibit? It is AMAZING! You can ride a rocket into space, and then see what no gravity will do with your lunchbox when you get there. (Paid)

>> On Saturday, pop over to Huizenga Plaza starting at 1pm for the Fort Lauderdale Food, Wine & Spirits Festival. Samples for the session paired with live entertainment, food and interactive games. (Paid)

>> Until February 6th, stop by The Bellagio International Gallery for the Art of Dr. Seuss. Originating from the estate of Theodore Geisel. From the Illustrated Art to the Secret Art. There limited edition rare pieces include The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch that stole Christmas, Green eggs and ham and let's not forget about The Sneeches. (Free)

>> The Renaissance Festival is back! Are you as excited for this one as I am? Travel back in time to the 16th Century at the 30th Annual Florida Renaissance Festival, at Quiet Waters Park (Deerfield Beach). Starting Feb 5th (every weekend until March 20th). Check the schedule for all events. (Paid)

>> Feb 4th to 6th - stop by the Fort Lauderdale Home & Design Show for one-on-one product demonstrations, discussion panels, and a spectacular showcase of the most cutting-edge trends in the home design industry. Broward County Convention Center. (Paid)

>> Got plans for your Super Bowl Party? Here's a fun alternative. Watch the game (food and snacks available for purchase) at Savor Cinema! All the drama, action, and star power of an epic motion picture, why watch the game anywhere but the big, big, big screen in the comfort of our plush stadium theater seating, AND with prizes! (Free)

Featured Fort Lauderdale

There is SO much to learn and love about our fair city. We thought you would enjoy a weekly does of "did you know's" to whet your water-cooler conversations.


So the city met and the consensus was... tunnel under the New River. Last week we shared notes from Mayor Trantalis and in this one reader's opinion, he makes a lot of sense.

Apparently, the Broward County decision-makers felt differently and voted unanimously for the Bridge approach.

Do you have an opinion on this topic? We would love to hear what you think. (Hit reply and we might just give you a mention in next week's newsletter)

So... You Think You Know Fort Lauderdale?

There is SO much to learn and love about our fair city. We thought you would enjoy a weekly does of "did you know's" to whet your water-cooler conversations.

That Fort Lauderdale got its nickname as 'The Venice of America' because of hosting over 300 miles 😱 of navigable waterways.

Makes me want to know what they call the Everglades with all those unnavigable miles of water.🤔


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Want to Paddle 'The Venice of America' and see all the amazing boats and house from the water?

Take your first Saturday of the month and join the SUPSmart team at Sunrise Paddleboards for a lesson and paddleboard tour. Call 305-879-4220 for times and reservations.


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What do you wish for you child when they turn 17? It could look something like this (turning down Harvard and Oxford).

Maybe it is time to hit reset on how we think about what is school for...

Visit Acton Academy Fort Lauderdale to see what taking a non-traditional path might look like for your family.

Flotsam & Jetsam

Each we come across tidbits, tips, and tools that are too good to not share, but they don't exactly fit in the "Fort Lauderdale" category. So inspired by the FTL's close connection to the sea... let's see if any of this floats your boat.

Ever go out for a walk and think of ideas or things to do? Well as they say... there's an App for that. Lately I am loving the Voiceliner app because I can record voice memos to myself, which also get transcribed. Then when I get back to my office they are easy to copy and paste into whatever project is on my mind. Do you have a favorite app lately?

Riddle for you*:

A slender body, a tiny eye, no matter what happens, I never cry (though I might make others say “ouch”). What am I?