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      September 2022 September 22 - Friday night the "Pets" are on the outdoor big screen and vintage...
      Goooood morning... Fort Lauderdale 🌞 Lot's to enjoy and explore this week, including: Movies...
        Goooood morning... Fort Lauderdale 🌞 Here for your enjoyment, it's this week's breakdown: ...
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    • What's going on this weekend in the greater FTL?

      What's happening that I don't want to miss?

      What can we do to get the whole family out of the house and away from All the screens?


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      Laura D

      — Children's Author & NY Times BestSeller

      The newsletter is a quick review of what's going on, rather than finding out after it happened. I love that students are involved and creating relationships with their community.

      Benny B

      — Parent and Local Entrepreneur

      I love Fort Lauderdale, but after reading the newsletter I realized how little I actually know about what was going on in the city (after living here for 17 years).

      Laura C

      — Parent

      Great shortcut to the details I need to know. Life is hectic with little ones, but the newsletter keeps me always prepared with things to do. It has become a "must read" for me.

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