Colors, colors, colors everywhere: A fleet of sails, a festival of colors in the park, on the runway, or hunting for painted eggs

Tuesday, April 4th - 2023 - A couple of weeks ago we debuted a "short form" of the newsletter and got positive responses back from our readers. So we thought we would mix in this shortened version of the newsletter on occasion. No features, no "did you know's" or classifieds... just a straight up mix of what you won't want to miss. Plus a dose of Flotsam & Jetsam because... why not? 🙂

Anywho...hope you like the line-up of fun we have saved out for you this week.

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Fort Lauderdale is known for its waterways AND its vibrant culture. Combine the two, and you get the Street Art Regatta (Fri). How cool is that? Equally colorful, is the Festival of Colors (Sat) at Esplanade Park. If you have a budding Vera Wang in your circle, the vibrancy also carries over to fashion with the Emerging Designers Runway Show (Thur). After the runway, stop by Sistrunk Marketplace for the Flagler Village Social (every Thurs).

Also happening this week, will be the Eggs-ploration Egg Hunt at MODS (Sat). This week is also a great time to visit the local museums as there is Sunny Days/Starry Nights at the NSU Art Museum (Thurs/Free admission) and Museums for All at MODS (Sat - read details for qualifying free admission).

Flotsam & Jetsam

Got two quick ones to share with you this week. First, if you have a budding rapper in your house... or many just a wannabe RunDMC who missed his calling, you might get a kick out of BeatBot the AI song writer. Describe the song you want to create and click generate to see the results.

For the more practical and entrepreneurial-minded, RecommendedDomains is an AI brainstorming engine that will help you find the .com to your next billion dollar company. Just describe your project in a few words and it generates a custom list of available domain names for you to choose from.

Or... if you are like me and you "know a great brand when you see it" you might like playing this little game that we developed at AAFTL as we gear up for our 6-week "E-Ship" Session (entrepreneurial skills and practice):

  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes and go to
  2. Explore the library of domains and logos. Use your imagination to guess at what world-changing product or service each one might sell
  3. Pick your favorite. Take 5 minutes to jot down a pitch for your new "billion dollar business" idea
  4. Take 2 minutes to share it with a friend. You might just find your first customer 🤔

Tell Us How We Are Doing

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