How do you plant a tree without digging a hole in the ground?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 - The theme of arts all around us continues this week, with IGNITE Broward lighting up local venues. That and don't miss the events below:

  • Planting trees without digging a hole in the ground (sustainable forest-building at MODS)
  • Pixar Putt all the way 'to Infinity and beyond!'
  • Have you ever made your child say thank you after a play-date? Think again... 👇
  • And... what color are YOUR eyes?
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Stuff You Won't Want To Miss:

  1. Starting this week, it's time again for the annual IGNITE Broward displays in different parts of the city. The kickoff is Wednesday, January 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Museum of Discovery & Science (MODS) atrium. (Free)
  2. Also as part of IGNITE Broward, on Saturday you can get involved with planting sustainable trees (without even needing to dig a hole!), as part of the IGNITE Forest - Kids Activity With Akiko Yamashita at the MODS Science Park. Two sessions (1 hour each) planned. (free with Admission)
  3. Beginning Wednesday and running through March, you can play Pixar Putt down at the Las Olas Oceanside Park. Made up of 18 fun and interactive holes, PIXAR PUTT is inspired by the stories, characters, and icons from some of Pixar’s most beloved films, including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Coco, A Bug’s Life, Wall-E, Inside Out, taking guests to infinity… and beyond! (Tickets)
  4. Saturday, it's Kids Art Day at Sistrunk Marketplace, as part of the AOTA (Avenue of the Arts) Festival. Our AAFTL families will be there for the "Thumb Buddy Badge Creation Station" where you use your thumb print to create amazing animals and other creatures, in the form of a badge that you can wear home or show your friends. (Free)
  5. Saturday is also Youth Art Festival Day at the Broward Library (African American Research Library & Cultural Center). Multiple workshops available so make sure you pre-register. (Free)
  6. Saturday morning you can also attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center. With the tallest dive tower in the Western Hemisphere, there will be diving performances including Olympic champion Greg Louganis.
  7. Saturday evening, the Fort Lauderdale Art Walk is back in MASS District. Enjoy live music from local musicians, shop original works of art, unique garbs, and many other handmade crafts. (Free)
  8. Sunday, starting at 11 and all afternoon - it is Fort Lauderdale Neighbors Day at the NSU Art Museum. Bring a photo ID, driver’s license, or residential utility bill with proof of Fort Lauderdale address and admission is free!
  9. And next week, on Monday January 30th - stop by the Financial Aid Workshop, being put on by the Broward County Schools District. Come hear how the financial aid ecosystem for our youth really works, and the levers we can control. This deeply informative workshop is intended for community stakeholders, parents, advisers and educators. (Free)

Featured Fort Lauderdale

With so much happening in the arts this week, we took time with Maxence Doytier to talk about AOTA (Avenue of the Arts Festival), the wall-sized murals, spray paint battles, and more... on the podcast.

Do you have a favorite event, place, business, or organization you would like to see featured on the podcast? HIT REPLY and let us know!

So... You Think You Know Fort Lauderdale?

You probably know... Fort Lauderdale was first made famous as a spring break destination by the movie Where The Boys Are (you've been to the Elbo Room, right?).

But you might not know about... That South Florida is booming! There has been a 70% increase in the families with school-age children living downtown. The amenities are world-class and getting even better. This past week, Fort Lauderdale was featured on Good Morning America as the place to go, visit, and live where other people come for vacation.

Classifieds & Giveaways

  • Film Maker Flip The Script - Do you know a student who dreams of being a filmmaker? As part of our Film-maker series, South Florida PBS will choose 5 aspiring student filmmakers in Broward County to showcase their short films projects on television and in public screenings. Submissions are FREE and open to high school juniors and sophomores.
  • At Acton Academy, we do a lot of SOLEs. Have you heard of this, from Sugata Mitra? They are very popular in our studio. And finding hard to answer questions is one of the challenges. Wikenigma is full of unanswered questions and gaps in human knowledge for the curious-minded.
  • Parents - do you want ideas on helping your child make friends more easily?

Excerpt from Big Life Journal: The other day my son’s friend came over for a play date. At the end of the day, his mom came to pick him up and as they were leaving she said:

“What do you say to your friend?”

Without making any eye contact my son’s friend mumbled, “thank you” as he half hid behind his mom.

Does this sound familiar?

When it comes to teaching our kids good manners and social etiquette, it's easy to focus on the thank you’s and please’s. But forcing our kids to say "thank you" doesn't always teach them true gratitude.

So, what can we do instead?

I get it, we all need to be polite. But instead of making your child say "thank you," try asking them "How do you feel about that?" This open-ended question allows your child to express their feelings and emotions in their own words.

It also helps them understand that there are different ways to show gratitude, and that saying "thank you" is just one way.

Once your child can identify a positive feeling, you can help them connect to how gratitude feels inside. For example, instead of “Say thank you” you might say:

“Did it feel nice to get invited to your friend's house for a playdate? It did? Let’s let them know!”

This week’s parenting guide, “Forcing Your Child to Say “Thank You” Does Not Teach Them to Be Thankful” teaches you practical tips to model and foster gratitude in your child.


Quote Of The Week

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Flotsam & Jetsam

Can you guess the rarest eye color in the world?

Think about it. We all see people around us every day. With only 2% of the world’s population (and fewer than one out of ten Americans) this one color is most rare (it might even be you). Your eye color is partly determined by genes and partly by geography.

Even more rare - having eyes of two different colors. And rarest of all - getting eye color "tattoos" that permanently change the color of your eyes (yes... its a think and thankfully not very common).

It’s said that our eyes are the mirrors of our souls, so it makes sense that eye color is often romanticized. Van Morrison waxed poetic about a brown-eyed girl, while Eric Clapton sang about a woman who “made my blue eyes blue.” Eye color is a distinct part of your features, unique to you. In fact, no two people in the world have the same color eyes. And if you’ve ever wondered what the rarest eye color is, you’re not alone.

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