Curious what you think of this new format?

Tuesday, March 21st - 2023 - This week, our learners at AAFTL are on break so we figured this would be a great chance to test a different format for the newsletter... what we are called in the "short version."

That means you ONLY two gifts in this week's basket of goodies: 1) a short recap of events happening this week with links so you can learn more if they tickle your fancy; 2) a fun "Flotsam" thing to think about, that has nothing to do with our beloved City but is just plain interesting or will inspire your curiosity.

I will be curious to hear what you think... do you like this short form better?

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Coming off a run of Ren-Fest theme weekends, St. Paddy's Day celebrations and spring breakers, you would think it would be a quiet week. But there is still lot's to choose from. There is the Saturday morning March for Cancer, the Fort Lauderdale Art Walk, or Music Festival at Tarpon River Brewing.

On Sunday, it is the International Food Fest at Esplanade, Sensory-friendly day at MODS, and Neighbor Day at the NSU Art Museum. That should be more than enough to keep you 'hoppin' before the coming Easter holiday 🐇

Flotsam & Jetsam

Here's a nerdy passion for you... I love exploring alternative histories. It started years ago when I read the "What If" book by historians who detailed how history turns on small moments, and what if there had been a slight difference. Fascinating.

If it piques your curiosity, you might also like The Man In The High Castle (Amazon Prime) about the Nazis and Japanese winning WWII, or For All Mankind (Apple TV) about what our world would look like today if the Soviet Union landed their cosmonauts on the moon first.

In addition to the pleasure of reading a rousing story, there is a special benefit in exploring alternative histories. It is both a great way to approach history, and a good skill for thinking about the future. The Sideways Awards for Alternative History on Wikipedia is a fantastic source that lists the best alternative history stories written for each of the past 30 years.

Lastly - I am having some playful fun with this $1.99 app on the App Store, which let's you imagine your own multiverse. Each time you are presented with a hard choice, you can use the Universe Splitter app to make your decision and track your alternate timelines. Think of it like... Schrödinger's cat in your pocket. 🤯

And lastly... if you like "head-blown" experiments, you might be curious to see what we are cooking up for our learners at AAFTL.